About Confident Brains™

Confident Brains Pte. Ltd. is an organization founded to improve the lives of people with learning difficulties. There are two branches of the organization. One is our Confident Brains School in Phuket, Thailand. This school provides full time programs for adults and 6-week intensive programs for ages 9+.

Confident Brains also licences the Arrowsmith Program to schools and education facilities that would like to provide enhanced learning support and inclusive services. Confident Brains is the sole provider of the Arrowsmith Program in South East Asia.

How We Began

Confident Brains™ was founded by the same team of passionate educators responsible for introducing Arrowsmith Program™ to Thailand for the first time in 2015. The first schools included United World College Thailand, Confident Brains™ School, Phuket for adults, and Yaowawit School for underprivileged children. We have witnessed life-changing benefits to people of all ages and abilities. Including those who struggle with learning challenges such as dyslexia.

Confident Brains Pte Ltd has partnered with the Arrowsmith Program™, founded by Barbara Arrowsmith Young . We offer advanced tools and training to schools and educational facilities throughout ASEAN, Hong Kong and S. Korea.

Our Students

Our clients originate from all corners of the globe and span ages 18 to 70+. They are an interesting mix of school aged children, gap year students,successful entrepreneurs, seniors, athletes, business owners, musicians and engineers. Collectively they harness the transformational power of  neuroplasticity  with Arrowsmith Program™ cognitive exercises to increase cognitive capacity and brain performance. Our programs are individually designed for anyone who would like to improve their cognitive abilities, to achieve greater success and wellbeing, or those looking for a cognitive edge.

What is Arrowsmith Program?

The Arrowsmith Program™ is a classroom-based cognitive training program for people with learning difficulties. It was established in Canada in 1978 and it is based on the application of neuroscientific research.

The Arrowsmith Program™ is comprised of a series of cognitive exercises that target and improve specific brain functions related to learning, social abilities, and general understanding. It is a proven and permanent solution to alleviate the hardships caused by Specific Learning Difficulties. It improves abilities related to problem solving, communication, memory, organization, and independence. The Arrowsmith Program™ is provided in South East Asia by Confident Brains Pte. Ltd.

Our Phuket School and Facilities

Confident Brains™ School, Phuket

Confident Brains™ School, Phuket is Located on beautiful Phuket Island, Thailand. We are nestled into the edge of a national forest in a safe and relaxed tropical setting. We are just 15 minutes from the Phuket International Airport, located at the Thanyapura Sport and Wellness Centre. In the area are local markets, beaches and local attractions. We have full time programs for Adults and 6-week intensive programs for ages 9+.


Our classrooms use the latest brain training software and technology to provide unparalleled opportunities to improve the abilities of the human brain. Our instructors are highly trained and together have more than a decade of experience helping individuals change their lives.  

Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

We are located on the grounds of one of Asia’s premier sport and wellness centres.  Our students have access to a full range of sporting and fitness facilities. We also have a full medical clinic, and complete range of wellness services.  We have an onsite hotel, and restaurants that cater to a wide variety of nutritional needs. 


Meditation and mindfulness are an integral compliment to our cognitive training programs. Regular practices help to improve focus, increase energy and become more mentally resilient. Our students demonstrate measurable improvements in performance, better recovery, and improved overall wellness. 

Fitness Facilities

We are located on the grounds of one of Asia’s premier sport and wellness centres.  Our students have access to a full range of sporting and fitness facilities. We also have a full medical clinic, and complete range of wellness services.  We have an onsite hotel, and restaurants that cater to a wide variety of nutritional needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for students entering the Arrowsmith Program?

Individuals who come to the Arrowsmith Program are of average to above average intelligence but are having difficulty learning academic and social skills efficiently and independently. The Arrowsmith Program addresses a wide range of specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, auditory and/or visual processing disorders, attention difficulties and non-verbal learning difficulties. The Arrowsmith Program is also designed for individuals who do not have identified specific learning difficulties but are challenged with issues such as organization, processing, problem solving, communication, memory, and independence.

The Arrowsmith Program may not be suitable for those with below average intelligence scores, or acquired brain injury.  The Arrowsmith Program is not  suitable for those with global intellectual delay, severe or moderate Autism, or Downs Syndrome.

How to determine if Confident Brains in right for my needs?

To consider whether the Arrowsmith Program would be suitable for your needs, please complete our secure online Inquiry Form. Your information will be kept confidential. Our admissions staff will contact you soon after to discuss how we can meet your needs.  For a detailed description of who can benefit from Confident Brains Programs follow this link.

Please note the Arrowsmith Program is not designed for individuals with developmental or intellectual delays, autism, brain injury or illness, or psychiatric or psychological disorders.


What are the ages of the students?

The students at Confident Brains School range in age from nine years old to adults. Our full-time programs are designed for adults. Our 6-week Cognitive Intensive Programs are for ages 9+. Parents of children less than nine years of age are encouraged to contact Confident Brains School when their child is old enough to be considered ready for school participation.

Is the Arrowsmith Program effective in addressing Developmental or Intellectual Delays or Autism Spectrum Disorder?

The Arrowsmith Program is developed for individuals struggling with specific learning difficulties (SLD). The standard definition of SLD is that the individual has an average or above average full-scale intelligence score, and has a specific difficulty in an area related to learning or academic skill acquisition. The program is designed and therefore most suited for individuals within the average to above average range of intelligence.

Conditions such as Developmental or Intellectual Delay typically indicate an impairment of general intellect and function, and students with developmental or intellectual delay have needs that are more significant than a student with a specific learning difficulty.

In some cases, individuals with learning difficulties who also have high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or Asperger’s have benefitted from the Arrowsmith Program. While the Arrowsmith Program will enable these individuals to address their cognitive learning needs, it will not address features related to the specific Autism Spectrum Disorder. In such cases, there is careful deliberation when determining appropriateness during the admissions process to ensure suitability.

Is the Arrowsmith Program effective in addressing Attention Issues?

The Arrowsmith Program has been successful in addressing attention difficulties. Many individuals with specific learning difficulties experience attention issues which can arise from different underlying causes. In many cases these issues are a result of a combination of specific learning difficulties making it hard for the person to sustain attention in specific learning situations; others are related to specific learning difficulties related to regulating attention. These types of attention difficulties have shown significant improvement as individuals engage in the cognitive exercises.

How do I enroll?

Start by completing an Inquiry Form: by clicking here.

After our admissions team has received your Inquiry Form we will contact you to discuss potential enrollment options and provide you with an Application Package.


What are the start dates?

Our full time programs follow an academic school year from Mid August to June the following year. However, accept ongoing enrollment through out the year.

Our 6-Week Cognitive Intensive Programs have several start dates throughout the year.

Are all incoming students assessed?

All those enrolling in the full time programs are assessed. Individuals enrolled in our Symbol Relations Cognitive Enhancement Program do not need to be assessed.

What is the purpose of the initial assessment?

The assessment identifies each individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This provides the basis for designing individual programs to address a range of specific learning difficulties. Please note the assessment is not used as the basis for determining suitability for the Arrowsmith Program; suitability is determined through the admissions process where we work with individuals to determine how we can best meet their needs.

Who conducts the assessment?

The assessment of those entering Confident Brains School, Phuket  is conducted by a trained member of our staff. The tests are then scored and analyzed by trained Arrowsmith Program team members in order to create an individualized brain training program.

What does the assessment involve?

Individuals will spend between 1 to 3 days completing a full cognitive assessment which will identify their unique learning needs. This most often takes place over 2 morning sessions.  The assessment is made up of cognitive and standardized achievement test.  The outcome of the assessment will provide recommendations for enrollment and programming options.

Can assessments performed elsewhere or other reports be used in place of the Arrowsmith assessment?

The cognitive assessment is vital in order for an individual to participate in an Arrowsmith Program. It identifies which cognitive exercises and at which level an individual would begin their program. While it is beneficial to review any previous assessment reports to learn about the individual’s learning history, a traditional psych-education report will not replace the Arrowsmith assessment.

How much is the annual tuition?

Tuition fees vary depending on the type program. Tuition starts at ฿164,000 Thai Baht (approximately $5000USD) for the 6-Week Cognitive Intensive Program.  Tuition for our full-time programs is comparable to a moderately priced international school.

Can fees be paid through private health plans?

This may be available in some limited situations for families who are part of a private health and medical benefit plan. They should contact their individual benefits insurer or broker for further information.

How many years do students spend in the Arrowsmith Program?

Programs typically range from 1-4 years. The majority of students will usually require a 2 to 3 year program of full time attendance to fully address cognitive needs.  If a student is unable to complete a full program, they will still achieve benefits each year they are in the program.

Upon completion of the program, some students may require one to two years to gain experience using their strengthened learning capacities and some students may need tutoring initially to bring academic skills to grade level.

What is the student to instructor ratio?

The student to instructor ratio at Confident Brains School, Phuket is 10 to 1.

Do students maintain their improvements?

Students that we have followed up to 30 years after completion of the program have maintained their improvements. Once the improvement is in place, it is hypothesized that the individual maintains this gain by using the cognitive area in everyday functioning.

How effective is the Arrowsmith Program?

The study prepared by Dr. William A. Lancee in 2005 concluded that all deficit areas identified by the Arrowsmith Program improved as a result of the application of Arrowsmith Program cognitive exercises. Please refer to the full study and in particular the concluding summary for an overview of the effectiveness of the Arrowsmith Program.

What research is available for the Arrowsmith Program?

The Arrowsmith Program has been the subject of a variety of studies over the last 3 decades. Research includes brain imaging studies that demonstrate the physical changes and the benefits to academic abilities as a result of participating in the Arrowsmith Program.  Click here to see the summary of research.

Do you offer part time programs?

Confident Brains School, Phuket offers Part Time Programs. Part time programs consist of 1 to 3 cognitive exercises each day. Each cognitive exercise is 40 minutes. The number of exercises depends on the needs of the individual. Like the Full Time Program, Part Time Programs requires an initial assessment. 


Do you have a summer program?

Confident Brains School, Phuket offers the 6-week Cognitive Intensive Program every summer.  This 6-week program is also available throughout the year with several start dates from September to June.

The Cognitive Intensive Program targets the Symbol Relations cognitive function that processes and understands ideas. This is a very important cognitive function that is involved in processing concepts, understanding and quickly grasping what we read and hear, gaining insight, logical reasoning, seeing connections between ideas, cause and effect processing, and mathematical reasoning.

This cognitive function plays out in academic learning as well as in understanding our world.  Individuals at all levels of functioning in this area can benefit from this program.  Our experience has been that through targeting this cognitive function, we see positive changes in the individual’s ability to understand the world around them.

For additional information on dates and fees, or to express interest in this program, please contact admissions or fill out an Inquiry Form.

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