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What is Confident Brains™?

Confident Brains Pte. Ltd. is an organization founded to improve the lives of people with learning difficulties through the use of state-of-the-art brain training programs. There are two branches of the organization. One is our Confident Brains School in Phuket, Thailand. This school provides full time programs for adults and 6-week intensive programs for ages 9+.

Confident Brains™ also licences the Arrowsmith Program™ to schools and education facilities that would like to provide enhanced learning support and inclusive services. Confident Brains™ is the sole provider of the Arrowsmith Program™ in South East Asia.


Brain training programs for children and adults with learning difficulties. Visit our school in Phuket, Thailand.





Confident Brains™ provides the Arrowsmith™ cognitive training program to schools and learning centres in Southeast Asia. We have proven solutions for learning support and inclusive services.

Full Time Program
The full time program is designed to improve a full range of cognitive abilities. It is the core of the Arrowsmith Program™, and is the standard option for complete brain training. 2 – 6 hours per day, 5 days per week.
Cognitive Enhancement Program
A part-time brain workout program designed to improve cognitive performance. This program focuses on the specialized Symbol Relations cognitive exercise. 4 hours per week with flexible scheduling.
6-Week Cognitive Intensive Program
A rigorous program designed to improve abilities across all academic disciplines. The 6-week Cognitive Intensive Program (CIP) focuses on specialized Symbol Relations cognitive exercise. Six hours per day, 5 days per week for 6 weeks.
Brain Training Summer Camp
Our Brain Training Summer Camp focuses on brain training and improving cognitive abilities for children and adults. It also includes sport, outdoor activities, meditation, art activities and games at world class facilities.

‘The Woman Who Changed Her Brain’

2020 International Book Tour Edition

We are pleased to announce that in Australia and New Zealand, Harper Collins has released the 3rd edition of the global bestseller ‘The Woman Who Changed Her Brain’, by Arrowsmith Program’s Founder, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young.

As part of the book launch, Barbara will be embarking on an international speaking tour across Australia, New Zealand, as well as Asia, the United States and Canada.


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