Confident Brains- Located at Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort, Phuket


Thanyapura Sports & Wellness Resort, Phuket

We have students joining Confident Brains for online brain training programs from all around the eastern hemisphere. We currently have students from 11 different countries including Singapore, Australia, and Thailand.

Many of our online students ask where are the online instructors located? The answer is: Thanyapura Wellness and Sports Resort, in Phuket Thailand. Confident Brains online is located in the Thanyapura Brain Gym which specializes as a world leader in cognitive training.

Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort not only hosts our online Arrowsmith Instructors, but Thanyapura Brain Gym is also home to a variety of brain training programs, therapies and methodologies. In addition to online programs, we have also have in-person brain training programs where you can work directly with our highly trained and experienced instructors.

Thanyapura- More than just a resort

We have an onsite hotel where you can stay during your program which includes full amenities. We are located a few minutes from the beaches, shopping and other attractions on the island. Thanyapura is most well known as Asia’s premier sport and wellness resort. We have excellent sporting facilities including yoga, tennis, swimming, cycling, and a variety of other sports.


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