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Bring Arrowsmith To Your School

Confident Brains is proud to be the licence provider of The Arrowsmith Program™ to schools and learning centres in Asia

Become an Arrowsmith School

Confident Brains can help your school or learning centre to become a leader in learning support. Cognitive training is a key component in the future of inclusive learning and we can help your school become a world leader. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your school implement The Arrowsmith Program™

Revolutionary Learning Support

Traditional learning support systems and practices operate under the misconception that learning difficulties are permanent and life-long. Neuroscience now tells us that this no longer has to be true. Each and every student has the ability to change their brain through training and experience. The Arrowsmith Program targets 19 cognitive functions related to learning and general understanding, helping individuals strengthen their cognitive capacities.

Who can Arrowsmith help?

Our brain training programs can effectively address problems related to: ​

*Please note that the Arrowsmith Program is not suitable for individuals with severe intellectual delay or Downs Syndrome. It is also not suitable for individuals who have severe emotional or behaviour disorders that would prevent them from participating in sustained cognitive training exercises. Contact us for more information.

Implementing Arrowsmith

Bringing the Arrowsmith Program™ to an existing school is a straight forward process. It is a complete program to allow educators to meet the needs of students with Specific Learning Difficulties. The Confident Brains™ team will guide you through the three basic implementation steps:


Identify Students

The Arrowsmtih Program™ is designed to help students with Specific Learning Difficulties and those with challenges related to organization, problem solving, communication, memory, and independence. This represents approximately 10% of students in most educational settings.


Teacher Selection & Training

One teacher will be required for every 10 full time students who enrol in the Arrowsmith Program™. Teachers should have good multi-tasking, organizational, analytical and problem solving skills. They should have good memory for detail, and be comfortable working with computers. Teacher training is a 5 week online course, requiring approximately 4 hours of work per day.


Classroom Setup

The Arrowsmith Program™ requires a self-contained classroom. The Cognitive exercises are a combination of computer, pen-and-paper, and auditory exercises. Each classroom will need: 2 computers for every 3 students; a teacher tablet (android) and teacher computer, some printed materials and supplies will be required.

We're Ready To Help

The Confident Brains team is ready to help you and your school or learning centre implement meaningful and impactful brain training programs. Our team is experienced transforming the lives of children, teens, and adults with learning difficulties. Contact us today and let's begin the process of implementing The Arrowsmith Program at your school or learning centre.


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