Matthew CoppinsDirector of Education

Originally from Canada, Matthew first became an instructor with the Arrowsmith cognitive training program in 2009. Since then he has worked with a range of students from primary to adult to help them improve their cognitive abilities.

“I used to think we were defined by the brains we were born with. Now I know that isn’t true. We all have the ability to shape our brains and develop the abilities we need to be more successful in life. After 11 years with Arrowsmith, I know it’s just a matter of time and effort with the right tools.”

ARROWSMITH HIGHLIGHT: “There is always a moment when a new student wants to quit, usually when the difficulty on an exercise gets harder. But if I can step in and explain – this is what it feels like when your brain is developing and changing, and you have to keep going for your brain to grow – the student will persevere. And you can see students recognize that feeling as they progress through the program, but instead of getting frustrated and quitting, they welcome it and work through it, and that’s a huge step towards feeling fully in control of your cognitive development AND your life. It changes your view of the world and what’s possible. Realizing how powerful you are is a real turning point.”

BEFORE CONFIDENT BRAINS: Matt’s passion for the outdoors has deeply influenced his life. He’s been an ice climbing instructor, dogsledding guide, and river guide. He once paddled the 250 mile whitewater section of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Matt enjoys getting outdoors with his wife and two young daughters.

Matthew Coppins