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Arrowsmith Program™ Research

20 Research Studies involving some 700 students across 6 universities and 19 different educational organisations.

Since 1997 there have been more than 20 research studies involving some 700 students across six universities and nineteen different educational organizations all evaluating the effectiveness of the Arrowsmith Program. Five of these studies have had control groups and eleven have been peer reviewed

There are another four research projects currently underway at three universities. Among these studies are two published peer reviewed research papers, both from University of British Columbia: the 2019 Neuroimaging and Behavioral study and the 2017 study into individuals with Acquired Brain Injury. These studies are by different investigators, in different schools and educational organizations, using different research frameworks. The research approach uses multiple designs and measures as recommended by the American Psychological Association. Significantly they all show very similar results– that the Arrowsmith Program is effective for students with learning difficulties resulting in significant improvement in:

• cognitive abilities critical for learning including long-term memory, verbal-auditory learning, inductive reasoning, processing speed, verbal fluency, working memory, cognitive efficiency, and vigilance – a form of sustained attention; and

• academic results, with the biggest changes occurring in word reading, reading fluency, spelling, math fluency and computation.


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