Cognitive Enhancement Program

Our Cognitive Enhancement Program is a part-time, daily brain workout designed to improve cognitive performance.  This program focuses on the specialized Symbol Relations cognitive exercise. The cognitive enhancement program consists of 4 hours per week with flexible scheduling.

The Cognitive Enhancement Program  has been shown to improve processing abilities across all academic disciplines, maths and logic, language, understanding of cause and effect, social abilities and general insight.  This Program is designed for improving long term brain health and those looking for a cognitive edge. Suggested 10 month duration. No assessment required. Ongoing start dates available.

People participating in this program often complete 40 – 60 minutes per day. All program time is on site with classes available 8:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday. Schedules can be tailored to individual needs.

International instructors are highly trained and committed to providing a life changing experience. They are dedicated to helping every individual achieve their full cognitive potential.

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