8-Week At Home Cognitive Intensive Program

8-Week At Home Cognitive Intensive Program

We are pleased to announce a new program designed to help you keep learning through this challenging period of restricted travel and school closures. Arrowsmith has adapted the existing in-person Cognitive Intensive Program and can now offer it in an At-Home format, so that you can learn online, guided by an experienced Arrowsmith instructor.

8-Week At Home Cognitive Intensive Program

How can the At-Home Cognitive Intensive Program (CIP) help me?

The At-Home CIP targets the Symbol Relations cognitive function, a critical function of the brain that affects all aspects of learning and life. It helps you understand, participate in and contribute to the world. When this cognitive function is weak, you can feel an overwhelming sense of uncertainty, isolation and distress. Strengthening your Symbol Relations ability means you’ll have a more powerful and positive capacity to make sense of and engage with the world.


Dr. Gregory Rose from Southern Illinois University followed students in a traditional, in person Cognitive Intensive Program. His research, presented at the Society for Neuroscience conference in October 2019, showed significant changes in the brain as well as “real-world consequences” after just six weeks of CIP training.  Significant improvements were measured in comprehension, mathematics, vocabulary,  processing speed, attention, cognitive efficiency, reasoning, and working memory. Participants and their families report better mental health, emotional resilience, and a more positive self-concept.

How does it work?

Over 8-weeks, participants complete 90-135 hours of cognitive training (90 hours for ages 9-15; 135 hours for ages 15+). This is approximately 2.5 hours per day for ages 9-15 and approximately 3.5 hours per day for ages 15+. The daily time requirements may be divided into 40 minute work sessions to minimize fatigue.

  • Participants can create their own schedule, but maintaining a consistent schedule is important for results.
  • All training exercises are computer based.
  • Instructors communicate via virtual classroom where they provide instruction, feedback, and support.
  • The remote nature of the program requires participants to work independently, or with at-home support.

All of our Confident Brains instructors have extensive experience leading CIP students towards significant cognitive improvements.

Am I a good fit for the At-Home CIP?

Everyone can benefit from strengthening their Symbol Relations function, whether you’re looking to achieve peak performance or address learning difficulties. A stronger brain means a better life.

The At-Home CIP is especially useful if you have any of the signs of a weak Symbol Relations function:

  • not understanding what is read or said
  • seeing the world as ‘black and white’
  • difficulty with math or literary concepts such as fractions, metaphors
  • not keeping up with lectures or conversations due to slow processing speed
  • difficulty ‘reading between the lines’ or catching jokes or sarcasm
  • appearing stubborn or inflexible, unable to consider other points of view
  • challenges with fluid reasoning and working memory
  • requires more time and energy to complete tasks at school or work
  • re-reading material several times before grasping the idea
  • frequently asking questions for clarification

Application Process


Submit Inquiry Form

The first step in the application process is to submit an Inquiry Form. The Inquiry Form will allow us to start to understand how we can best meet your needs.


Wait for Contact

Once the Inquiry Form is completed, our admissions team will contact you to discuss your needs. This may include a video call.


Finalize Application

Once we have an understanding of how we can best meet your needs, we’ll send you an Application Form to collect important details. After this you will be ready to start your brain training!

Program Details

  • The fee for the 8-Week At-Home Cognitive Intensive Program is 115,000 THB  (Thai Baht).

The At-Home CIP targets Symbol Relations, a critical cognitive function that affects all aspects of learning and life. It helps you understand, participate in and contribute to the world. When this cognitive function is weak, you can feel an overwhelming sense of uncertainty, isolation and distress. Strengthening your Symbol Relations ability means you’ll have a more powerful and positive capacity to make sense of and engage with the world.

  • At-Home access to the Arrowsmith Cognitive Intensive Program.

  • Use of the Symbol Relations cognitive training exercise that improves abilities related to logic, comprehension, processing speed, maths, attention,  social skills and general understanding. Changes are permanent and often described as life-changing.

  • Individual instruction and support from Canadian-certified Arrowsmith instructors. Our instructors are among the very best and have a track record of exceptional success.

  • Progress review and detailed reports from a team of experienced cognitive trainers.

  • Regular communication and support via the virtual classroom.

  • Successful candidates will receive a certificate of completion

Each student requires:

  • Access to a computer with:
    • An external mouse (Mouse pads or track pads are NOT sufficient.)
    • A numeric keypad (The numbers along the top of a keyboard are not sufficient. A full numeric key pad is required.)
  • Reliable high-speed internet
  • Google Chrome browser
  • Google Hangouts or similar communication app

Laptops are sufficient provided they have a built in or external numeric keypad. Larger Screens provide benefit in the visual aspects of the program.

Prior to beginning the At-Home Cognitive Intensive Program (CIP), there are important prerequisite skills that will greatly aid success and accelerate progress in the program.

Counting Skills:

Many of the exercises in the At-Home CIP are based on concepts found in a 2 handed analogue clock. The following counting skills are important in ensuring the best possible start to the program.

  • Counting from 1-60
  • Counting from 60-1 (reverse)
  • Counting from 5-60 by 5’s
  • Counting 12-60 by 12’s
  • Participants should have a basic understanding of a 2 handed analogue clock

Counting skills may require daily practice leading up to the start of the program.

Numeric Keypad Touch-typing Skills:

Participants will need to know how to type numbers on the numeric keypad. This is the keypad on the right-hand side of the keyboard, not the numbers along the top. Participants will be using the numeric keypad to enter numbers quickly and accurately, using multiple fingers. Advanced typing skills on the numeric keypad, without looking, will greatly improve the experience in the program. To improve proficiency at touch typing, daily practice is recommended. Some websites offer free typing programs, be sure to look for websites or apps that have a numeric keypad options.



I always struggled with writing. When we moved online using Google docs Robert could see what I was typing and how quickly I was typing. He picked up that I write one sentence, think for another two minutes and write one sentence, instead of formulating the whole idea in my head, then writing. He really sat with me over Facetime, coaching me through this writing process. Keep going, keep the ideas flowing. I was running this marathon. One day was really hard, and I was so frustrated, but I had this insane breakthrough. Now I can formulate a whole story of what I want to say in my head and just type it.”


-Ella Cahill


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