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Confident Brains provides brain training programs that utilise the Arrowsmith Program™, a series of cognitive exercises that target and improve specific brain functions related to learning, social abilities, and general understanding. It is a proven solution to alleviate the hardships caused by learning difficulties . It improves abilities related to problem solving, communication, memory, organisation, and independence.

Confident Brains Online

We are very excited to announce that The Arrowsmith Program is now available online through Confident Brains Online School.

Our brain training programs are evidence and research-based, and have been specifically designed for children, teens and adults with dyslexia and other learning challenges. The exercises have been scientifically proven to increase the cognitive capacities, allowing participants to become more independent, confident and successful.

What is Arrowsmith?

Learn more about the Arrowsmith Program and how we utilise it to help you build a stronger brain.

Who can we help?

Learn more about the learning difficulties that Confident Brains can help address.


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Bring Brain Training To Your School

Confident Brains is the proud sole provider of the Arrowsmith cognitive training program to schools and learning centres in South East Asia and the surrounding region.

We can help your school be a leader in helping students with learning difficulties, while also creating a sustainable business.

At-Home Maths Plus + Program Now Available

A Confident Brains exclusive program. Supercharge your maths abilities with 1 hour per day.